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Hyper-V VM Stuck “shutting down”

Sometimes it happens that a Virtual Machine gets unreachable and a good old forced shutdown is in order.
First let’s find out which process is stuck by opening the Task Manager:


Search for the Process “vmwp.exe” (Virtual Machine Worker Process). As you’re probably running multiple VM’s, lets find out which is which.

Add the column “command line” to the Task Manager:


In the command line column you’ll find the command: “C:\Windows\System32\vmwp.exe” <guid>


Now let’s open up PowerShell and find out which VM is which. Run the command:

Get-VM | fl VMName,Id


Now end the task through Task Manager and boot it up again and find out what went wrong.


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  1. Michal Fidler Michal Fidler

    Thanks for this easy to understand guide. It was very helpful. But actually in that PowerShell command it’s not VNName, but VMName

    • aschimpie aschimpie

      Thanks! Edited it 🙂

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